With the Jeep® E-Shop Program you can select from the entire lineup of new Jeep Brand vehicles, choose your trim and available packages, apply for financing, request a credit check and more, all from the safety and comfort of your own home. Even delivery is available through select dealerships, so you can have your new Jeep Brand vehicle delivered right to your home.


Select a vehicle and choose your trim and available packages. Our online dealership experience is fully customizable, just like the in-person dealership experience.


Get the value of your trade-in, request a credit check, apply incentives, estimate your monthly payment and review your vehicle’s warranty coverage.


Select your desired vehicle delivery option. Delivery available through Participating dealerships.


Yes, through the Jeep® E-Shop Program and participating dealerships, you can purchase a Jeep Brand vehicle and have it delivered to you at home.

Yes, with the Jeep® E-Shop Program, you can browse the entire Jeep Brand lineup of SUVs and off-road vehicles from the comfort of your home, purchase or lease a vehicle, apply for financing and more. Delivery is available through participating dealerships.

Yes, the Jeep® E-Shop Program lets you purchase a new Jeep Brand vehicle from the comfort of your home and can even have it delivered to your home.

Delivery times vary depending on the availability of the vehicle and the schedule of the participating dealership. Contact your preferred dealership for more information.

Start by selecting your new vehicle online at the Jeep® E-Shop site. You’ll be prompted to enter your ZIP code to see which vehicles are available near you. Once you’ve found the vehicle that’s right for you, you can get a credit check, see your available financing options, get an estimate on your trade-in and select your vehicle warranty, all online. Once you’ve signed the contract, you can schedule the delivery of your new vehicle through a participating dealership.

The Jeep® E-Shop Program lets you search the inventory of nearby dealerships to locate the vehicle that’s right for you. Once you’ve chosen your new vehicle, select your trim level and customize it with available packages. Then select any necessary warranties, get a credit check and arrange financing, all online. Once your new vehicle is ready, you can schedule delivery through a participating dealership.